Yroga – house of the river – Thematic Center of the Paraná River






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Name of organisation

Yroga – house of the river – Thematic Center of the Paraná River

Funding support

The Center is still not working. It will be self financing.

Description of the centre

The idea of the Thematic Center of the Parana River arose in 2003, and it developed and improved with the successive contribution of different people and institutions. In 2004 it became a project of the Oga Foundation. In 2005 a easability stage began, at the moment developing. It has received endorsement of local and provincial government, and from international entities (ICES-UNESCO).

It is an initiative of the Oga Foundation, a nongovernmental organisation whose mission is “to know, to spread and to protect the natural and cultural patrimony, by means of the generation and promotion of activities related to investigation, education, conservation and management, destined to obtain the revaluation of the identity and the improvement of the quality of life of the local communities”.

The main element of Yroga, the House of the River, will be its permanent exhibition, referred to the Parana River in all its aspects – historical, environmental, cultural, productive. The exhibition is thought as accessible, surprising, diverse, interactive and with novel AV resources.
In addition to the permanent exhibition, activities of diverse types will be designed (cultural shows, educative activities and projects of investigation) with the participation of different sectors from the society. Temporary and travelling exhibitions will be mounted.



Jorge Liotta
E: yroga@fundacionoga.org.ar

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