WLI Americas

WLI Americas connects Spanish-speaking WLI memebers in the North, Central, and South America.

WLI Americas comprises North, Central and South America and the Caribbean. It links to the flyway used by many migratory species and forms a natural connection between wetland centres along the way.

We have a lead committee of active members, listed in our WLI Americas Terms of Reference, and have produced a Wetland centres of North America brochure to publicise wetland centres to the public and other partners. For further information you can contact the WLI Global Manager, based in the UK. We welcome your involvement!

Regional initiatives

WLI Americas was formed in 2016 after discussions between representatives from two distinct regions, WLI North America and WLI Latin America and the Caribbean (which had both been active for several years already). They concluded that working across the Americas flyway would be useful, and merged the two groups. The WLI Americas group includes representatives from wetland centres and national and regional initiatives from across the whole region. Contact the head of WLI to find out more.

Previously, members of the group have worked on several bids to attract funds and develop the project. For instance, working with the Wetland Institute we achieved this with the Peer 2 Peer funding, which supported exchange visits between Russia and the States.  We also produced a WLI North America Brochure (2Mb), to show examples of wetland centres, and explain what wetland centres are and what they achieve in the region.

We have also worked with partners on American Wetlands Month, delivering a National Webinar: The Ramsar Treaty/Convention on Wetlands, May 27th 2015.  Finally, after the successful first WLI North America Webinar in late 2013, see details here, we held a second one focussing on the Handbook on Best Practice in Wetland Education Centres.  You can listen to the presentations at the North America Webinar II Page.  In 2016 we held a third webinar on engaging local stakeholders on site, and a fourth webinar on bringing local visitors into your site in 2017.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, we have been working with the Fundación Kennedy, running an annual student exchange programme since 2012, as well as with CEH (Centro de Estudios de Humedales).  Work with both these organisations resulted in CEH hosting a regional conference in 2014, allowing discussions and workshops, and resulting in a new network, REDALES, the network of wetland centres in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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