16 years old and up

Young adults and life-long learners are key for informal learning at wetland centres. How can we reach them?

Ramsar CEPA resources

The Ramsar CEPA panel has produced a guide to CEPA activities on site, useful as an introduction to site managers.

Field report

Recent report from FIELD shows the importance of wetlands and forests in climate change.

World Wetlands Day

Ramsar archives educational materials from previous World Wetlands Days. Themes include climate change, wildlife, and water.

Distance learning

You can also do courses on wetland management with UNESCO, who run a distance learning course on many aspects of wetlands and water management.

Video link-ups

WLI coordinates Birds and Schools, an enjoyable event where school children meet their peers in other parts of the flyway by video conference.

Flood management guide

WWF’s guide on natural flood management is practical and detailed, in 200 pages with illustrations and diagrams.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Get background information on causes and predictions for climate change from the IPCC website.

A shorebird management manual

Manomet has produced this technical manual for declining shorebird populations, which covers advanced topics including Structured Decision Making, and Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation; and a case study include WLI member Cheyenne Bottoms.

Climate change game

Try the STEP game from WWF Hong Kong for a climate change-based game aimed at under 10 year-olds.

Water resources

For information on climate change and water resources, go to IUCN’s web pages.

50 years of Ramsar

For the 50th anniversary of the Convention on Wetlands, the BBC World Service made this 10-minute feature on wetland conservation, meeting an original signatory, Eckhart Kuijken of Belgium.


SWS Webinars

Every quarter, the Society of Wetland Scientists hosts a free public webinar, on diverse topics relating to wetland science.

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