WLI Asia Conference IV, Suncheon, RoK

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Last updated: May 21st, 2021

Over 50 WLI members met at Suncheon, along with South Korean wetland professionals, for a conference on sustainable wetlands and WLI from the 19th to the 23rd of April 2013.  The conference was hosted by Suncheon City, and organised by KFEM and the WLI Asia group, see the programme here.  Over the three day conference, delegates discussed the state of tidal conservation in the yellow sea, arising marine and coastal wetland issues in the region, and specific WLI and South Korea projects and initiatives.  The group also visited the existing and new wetland centres in Suncheon, and the Garden Expo, Eco-Geo, which was launched on the 20th of April. Outcomes of the WLI Asia conference included:

MoU between City of Suncheon, KFEM and WLI[/caption]

- An urgent need to create regional post(s) to support the WLI Asia network, possibly in South Korea.
- Develop our relationship with EAAFP and the Ramsar South East Asia Regional Office
- More opportunities for training and sharing of best practice to be created.  Option for a new manual on 'how to design and run a wetland centre', with a meeting planned for early November 2013.
- Explore the option for making WLI Asia a 'professional network' with member fees and services.
- RoK opportunities to create a support framework for WLI South Korea, and possibly WLI Asia more widely.
- Tentative agreement to hold the 5th WLI Asia conference in China.

A full report on the outcomes will be created shortly and uploaded here, and you can see the presentations, attendance list and outcomes here.