Rough Waters in Pantanos de Villa

Category: Americas

Last updated: May 21st, 2021

The Metropolitan Municipality of Lima through Pantanos de Villa Municipal Authority - PROHVILLA - had to take action on July the 4th in "Marvilla" area due to unusually high waves (4 meters) occurring during bad weather conditions.

Sea water breached the coastline and flooded roads and houses of "Las Brisas de Villa" area.  The floods were up to 40cm deep and it was necessary to use pumps to remove it.

Wetland birds were also affected by the conditions described in the area of "Maravilla". The level of the water increased in 20 cms above normal levels as a result of the sea waves reaching the wetland area.

Daniel Valle Basto, director of Pantanos de Villa wetland, stated these particular conditions are becoming more frequent and that people should be ready to react in case this situation repeats. "As a local authority we will be looking after the weather and sea conditions, to be able to help our neighbours in an emergency", said Valle Basto.

However, this is not the first time Pantanos de Villas wetland has suffered from coastal flooding. In August 2012, 5 meter waves flooded several roads in Las Brisas Association. The Metropolitan Municipality of Lima together with park rangers from the National Service of Protected Natural Areas, took immediate action.