Empowering Communities in Santa Cecilia

By Khouloud Belhadj / 5th January 2024

The workshop in Santa Cecilia, Colombia, brought students from Liceo Taller San Miguel together with kids from Afro-Colombian communities. Led by Luz Stella Tisnes Ocampo, the participants expanded their activities beyond the Danapure wetland, engaging with various communities to exchange knowledge and experiences.     The journey to Santa Cecilia was more than just a…

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National bird day at DANAPURE

By Connor Walsh / 27th October 2023

In the natural scenery offered the DANAPURE Wetland and its trails that we are about to inaugurate, our students by FLYPER environmentalists who work on the identification of species by analyzing their songs, conducted a day of research to begin the construction of an inventory of possible species that have the wetland as a permanent…

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Zoom call from the WMBD 2023 birds and schools project

World Migratory Bird Day 2023 – Birds and Schools Americas

By Chris Rostron / 17th October 2023

On Thursday the 12th October we got together with Environment for the Americas and schools from Argentina and El Salvador, to share their experiences of World Migratory Bird Day, on the theme of Water. It was a great session and we heard how students had worked to create interpretative dance, social media campaigns, artwork and…

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Saving frogs at DANAPURE Wetland, Colombia

By Connor Walsh / 15th June 2023

Dendropsophus colombianus, in moderate danger of extinction During field work, some students observed a gelatinous sack with tiny eggs in the pool. Their biology teacher, Beatriz Angel, explained that it was a mucilage that held eggs of a frog species. Because it was unlikely they would survive because of the cleaning chemicals, we decided to…

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Lichens, messengers of nature

By Connor Walsh / 15th June 2023

Warriors against climate change Lichens are part of the wonderful world of the FUNGI kingdom Andin our DANAPURE wetland which, due to its location in a humid and wooded area, nature has become a guide for its study.Comparing the records of previous years, we verify that its presence is less every day, being on of…

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Wetland DANAPURE Colombia celebrates Star Award

By Connor Walsh / 24th February 2023

Wetland DANAPURE Colombia writes:We would like to thank you for having granted us the recognition as a Star wetland. Our commitment is growing and we hope to live up to it with our work. We share with you special moments of our celebration, in the company of the children of the UKUMARI Biopark. The students…

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Connecting Birds & Schools 2023

By Connor Walsh / 23rd January 2023

Join our schools’ video conferences for World Migratory Bird Day 2023! In the week before 13 May and 14 October, WLI and partners will be hosting video conferences for school pupils in three flyways. If you would like to engage a school in these sessions, get in touch! Be inspired by previous years Important safeguarding…

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World Migratory Bird Day May 2022

By Connor Walsh / 16th May 2022

WLI members connected their local schools together across six countries in May 2022 to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day. Within the East Atlantic Flyway, two meetings happened. Linked by the migrating spoonbills, children in the Basque Country shared a day at the Urdaibai Bird Center with children on the Dutch island of Terschelling. They made…

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Bees, the great polinators!

By Chris Rostron / 20th August 2021

After a year away from our wetland, we discovered a great surprise today. The artificial habitat that was built to conserve species of insects such as bees is now being used by several species, and we are going to use this to start a new project to study them. The peace and quiet that they…

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child cutting out wetland shapes

30 Ideas: Wetland materials for young children from Putú

By Connor Walsh / 18th April 2021

See all 30 Ideas Description: The idea was to design and develop types of environmental interpretation, taking into account the audience and use of the material, either in the classroom or in the field. Biodiversity information is included in these materials as well as reference to the delivery of the management plan for the Nature…

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