WLI Update February 2014

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Last updated: June 14th, 2019

WLI Update February 2014

Creekside Discovery CentreNew Partners 

Creekside, London, UK;

World Wetlands Day 2014

Check our website for news from WWD 2014, including stories of bird festivals in the UK, guided tours of wetland centres in Russia, and talks at the newly finished wetland centre in Baikka Beel, Bangladesh, events at Hong Kong and more.  If you have stories from your WWD activities, please send them along and we will include them!

WLI in China

Tongli reedbed and existing welcome building

Tongli reedbed and existing welcome building

Tongli wetland park, 80km west of Shanghai, has recently been designated as a national park, and has big plans to become one of China’s growing number of National Wetland Parks.  Three WWT staff went out in January from WWT Consulting, and Wetland Link International.  We hope that the site will become a good example of how well-planned and managed wetland parks can lead to wildlife and people co-existing for the benefit of both.  See here for more.

WLI North America

A recent meeting of the WLI North America Steering group agreed plans for our forthcoming work, starting with a webinar on the new Wetland Manual, and including development of some evaluation tools for wetland education activities.  We also welcome a new member to the group, Dean Smith, representing the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, and the North America Waterfowl Action Plan.

WLI Russia

The WLI Russia group agreed to work with a language university to translate the Wetland Manual, and we hope that this will be available in a few months.  We also agreed that the Smolensk Centre would take a lead on the WLI Russia network, and hope to launch this with the unveiling of their new centre in October 2014.

Senegal_SwedenSwedish centre fund-raises for Senegal

Naturum Getterone held a fund-raising winter fair, in association with Wetlands International and a local nature conservation organization. The funds will be used for waterbird-monitoring, awareness-raising and conservation. A nice connection between Sweden and Africa is that several bird species can be observed in both such as the Black-tailed Godwit (Limosa limosa) and the Lesser Black-backed Gull (Larus fuscus).  The money came mostly from the stall holders at the market.  The idea for this fund-raising was born at the Migratory Birds for People meeting in September and Getterone staff hope that this project will continue and grow with time – maybe with other partners joining in.  For more details, check the website.

Chilean volunteers arrive at Slimbridge, UK!

Valentina, Isabel and Francisca at WWT Slimbridge, UK

Valentina, Isabel and Francisca at WWT Slimbridge, UK

Ongoing work with the Fundacion Kennedy saw three Chilean colleagues arriving at WWT Slimbridge, UK.  One is the project officer from the Fundacion, plus two students from the UCBC (Universidad Chileno-Britanico de la Cultura).  They will be working on translating the new Manual on Best Practice at Wetland Centres) as well as helping to develop the WLI Neotropics network.