International Water Day in Liceo Taller San Miguel, Colombia

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Last updated: April 24th, 2019

Danapure Wetland, International Water Day in Liceo Taller San Miguel

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Through their imaginations and beautiful drawings, our little second graders created messages of solidarity and called for responsibility in the use of water from their classmates and all of the educational community.  The children are asking us to care for water so that they can have and enjoy it. With every drop we are responsible for their future.

The celebration also included an imaginary trip to the depths of the sea. The children had the opportunity to hear the sounds of the water, they saw the colors of the animals that live there and they were amazed by this pretend trip.  They could observe the variety of species that live in the oceans, some animals like sea dragons, seahorses, octopuses, and phosphorescent fish. One of the species that caught their attention was the «Yeti» crab species that was discovered in 2006 in the south of Easter Island at 2,228 meters deep. This indicates that what we know about the marine environment and its depths is very little.