Launch of the Laguna el Peral Bluewater Project

Category: Americas, Regions

Last updated: March 29th, 2022

With the presence of authorities and neighbours on Saturday June 14, the Kennedy Foundation launched the RBC Blue Water Project "The community responsible of the deterioration of the wetland Laguna El Peral, helps in its recovery". The event took place at the Natural Sanctuary Laguna El Peral and the National Forest Service (CONAF) and the community of Playas Blancas helped to organise it.

This project aims to continue the studies undertaken after the episode of contamination with wastewater by 2012. Specifically, the project will quantify the water balance of the wetland, and it will determine the amount of water that the lagoon should receive to regain its optimal level, will survey the sewage systems of neighboring houses and design an artificial system of water supply to the lagoon.

Because it is a Natural Sanctuary, the proposed remediation techniques of this project must be submitted to the System of Environmental Impact Assessment before any implementation. The event ended with a presentation of the folklore group Tabonguen giving a demonstration of a traditional dance (photo).