Danapure celebrates the ozone layer

Category: Americas

Last updated: March 29th, 2022

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

Danapure Wetland, Colombia

Danapure students

Our students celebrated the world ozone day with hours of research in the DANAPURE remembering that 27 years ago the first international agreement was signed for its conservation. The children shared their knowledge with other students on the subject through drawings and messages like:

• “The ozone layer " is a very fragile layer of gas that protects the Earth from harmful sunlight.

• In our hands is to take care of it and to keep the planet life.

• The damage in the ozone layer can harm all the life that exists on the planet.

• The solar rays that pass through the holes that we produce, cause diseases in humans, plants, animals and water

• Our wetland is very important and helps maintain clean air.

Drawing based on Ozone project