WLI in Colombia

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Last updated: March 29th, 2022

Lake Tota, the Paramos and wetland education

Chris Rostron, Head of Wetland Link International (WLI) took a second trip this October to support colleagues at Lake Tota, in the highlands of Colombia, the largest and highest lake in the country, but unprotected and under threat from pollution and over abstraction of water.


Working with local NGOs, the University of Boyacá, and a group of international experts, the group carried out field visits and worked with local stakeholders, resulting in a two day symposium, with over 400 people attending. A final meeting with the university indicated that they are keen to build a new wetland centre at the lake, which could form the basis for improving the situation for both the local people and the environment, including the paramos, a rare upland habitat of which Colombia has over 50% of the global resource.