WLI Latin America and the Caribbean

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Last updated: March 29th, 2022

Workshop at Pica

Around 50 participants attended the recent Conference on Conservation of Wetlands in Latin America and the Caribbean, hosted by CEH (Centro de Estudios de Humedales) and WLI, in Pica, northern Chile.  The event was our first real opportunity to discuss the opportunities to expand the WLI network in Latin America, and was a great forum for sharing experience and discussing what WLI Latin America could offer in terms of structure and support.

Key outcomes were that the concept of 'wetland centres' is not as well know in the region, and that many projects do not have a 'built

facility' at the wetland - so we need to be thinking about how to involve those working in CEPA-related projects on site.  Also, that the word 'Neotropics' is not so useful, and we should be using Latin America and the Caribbean to describe the region.  And finally, that there is a real need to a functional network that can support those working on CEPA projects on site.

We will bring you further news once the final report has been written.