US-Russia Wetland Centre Exchange

Category: Americas, Regions

Last updated: April 21st, 2022


The final workshop for our Russian-US wetland centre exchange programme took place 19th to the 21st October 2015, at The Wetlands Institute, Stone Harbour, New Jersey, US. Three WLI member centres from the US and three from Russia exchanged staff, to spend time learning about how each other carry out wetland education and awareness-raising work. The final workshop brought all these people together to share their experiences, as well as starting to create guidance on use of social media, data sharing and outreach work (report available soon).

Some key observations were that the staff all did pretty similar things and had a lot in common, despite differences between the countries.  Russia appeared to have a more cultural/livelihoods approach to wetlands, whilst the US focussed more on education and science.  But they both employ committed and enthusiastic staff.  All-in-all, a very successful exchange programme with ideas already to carry it on, and big thanks to the Wetlands Institute for hosting this excellent initiative!