WWD 2017 in Morocco with SPANA

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Last updated: February 5th, 2020

SPANA Morocco and its partners Celebrate World Wetlands Day 2017 



In partnership with the HCEFLCD Regional Directorate:

The event was attended by 63 Kenitra civil society representatives, students and researchers.

On the program of the day, three presentations on:

– The National Strategy for Wetlands, by Mrs. El Asri Bouchara of DREFLCD / NO

– Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction, by Mr Abdeslam Bouchafra of SPANA

– Wetlands facing the dangers of invasive species, by Sara Saguem from CNEE / SPANA

– Debate on the role of civil society in the monitoring of wetlands, led by Benramel Mostapha of the AMCDD.

The visit to the reserve and the bird watching planned in the program were canceled due to heavy rains.

The day had a  media coverage by the three main channels of Moroccan TV (2M, Al Oula and Midi 1 TV) as well as national radio SNRT.