Clean up event in Antofagasta, Algarrobo, Santiago and Huiscapi

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Last updated: June 17th, 2019


Fundación Kennedy had a Cleaning event at La Chimba, one of the last Wetlands in Antofagasta. The activity was organized by Fundación Kennedy, Copec and Aguas Antofagasta, who installed a stand that gave water for the volunteers. We are really grateful to Aguas Antofagasta because they took samples to analyze the state of the water for free.

We also appeared in the news because we had been monitoring the access of water trucks that take the water illegally, so now it’s forbidden by the Chilean Navy.

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Our representatives, Miguel Palet y Sary, together with the Departamento de medioambiente of the Municipality organized a cleaning event at San Jerónimo’s Wetland in Algarrobo, which included a painting competition for children.

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We participated in a Cleaning event at Peñaflor in El Parque El Trapiche. In the past, this place was an illegal landfill and the Authorities are concerned about the biological relevance of this Park.

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Where you can find Rana Chilena (Calyptocephalella gayi), Loica (Sturnella bellicosa), Carpinterito (Picoides lignarius), Garza Cuca (Ardea cocoi), among others.

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We are also working in Huiscapi, a Wetland that is located in Loncoche’s Commune, near Temuco.Due to the WWD we arranged a cleaning event as well and children with their parents participated picking up the litter, plastics, cans, which were recycled.

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We have been working in this wetland for a year and we have seen that children’s awareness had increased and they are teaching their parents to keep this wetland healthy.

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