Hong Kong Wetland Park celebrates World Wetlands Day 2019

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Last updated: June 17th, 2019

To echo with the theme“Wetlands and Climate Change”, Hong Kong Wetland Park (HKWP) organised a series of fun-filled activities to celebrate World Wetlands Day (WWD) 2019. The activities included the winter signature event Bird Watching Festival, art workshops, bird watching guided tours, bird race and “Flying Foodies” thematic exhibition.

“Flying Foodies” thematic exhibition

The Bird Watching Festival 2018/19 introduced to visitors the interesting flavours and hunting techniques of different birds. In the art workshops, participants learnt more about how wetlands help us cope with climate change.

Participants learnt more about how wetlands help us cope with climate change 参加者了解到湿地如何帮助我们应对气候变化

Moreover, about 180 secondary school students joined the inter-school bird race to promote bird-watching activities among schools and raise the awareness towards the conservation of birds and the environment.

About 180 secondary school students participated in the inter-school bird race


Participants paying attention to how wetlands help us cope with climate change in the guided tour





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