SueTy: saving the Apolinar’s Wren from extinction

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Last updated: February 5th, 2020

The Fundacion Montecito in Colombia is out to save a local bird from extinction. They need your crowd-funding support to make it happen.

Not easy to avoid a bird extinction with limited resources, we know it. But not impossible! And it's not too late.

The Apolinar's Wren is a little endemic bird living at Lake Tota, but facing extinction. To prevent that, Fundacion Montecito has started a new project to collaborate on protection at the lake, with art and education. They will deliver a transmedia storytelling approach into a rural school close to the lake, to make environmental learning fun and unforgettable!


Their hope is that with time, it might bring hope and better practices to the region, from a pilot group that may potentially grow.

They are calling the project SueTy, which means ‘whisper of the bird’ in their indigenous muisca language.

Felipe says: “As you will probably realise it too, it's not only about the bird itself. It is about its habitat (lake's reeds), lake's natural wetland filter, and Lake Tota is a remarkable lake that provides great services to our people, but suffers continuously. So we are determined not to give up! Tackling one of its main pains or causes: lack of meaningful education.”


You can help the project on the fundraising platform GlobalGiving. Even before this new project, they already have support from The Prince Bernhard Nature Fund (PBNF, Netherlands) for complementary activities surrounding Apolinar’s Wren conservation work. But the education component is weak enough that they decided to upgrade it with SueTy, with the encouragement of PBNF.


SueTy though will need more funding for the 9-month work and strategies planned.

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