Celebration of World Wetlands Day-2020 by BEDS

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Last updated: February 4th, 2020

Children with their teacher

Wetlands are of great significance regarding ecological value. World Wetlands Day aims to raise global awareness about the vital role of wetlands for people and planet. International theme for this year was Wetlands and Biodiversity. To raise public awareness on conserving the existing wetlands and to emphasize the great value of wetlands and their biodiversity, Bangladesh Environment Development Society (BEDS) has celebrated the World Wetlands Day in three places of Bangladesh named Khulna city, Dacope sub district and Shyamnagar sub district with different local slogans.

Event at Khulna

On 2nd February 2020 BEDS assisted the Urban Biodiversity Conservation Youth Club members to celebrate the World Wetlands Day. The event took place at Gollamari Linear Park (Public Park) beside the Mayur River. Local theme for this event was “Beat Wetlands Pollution - Save urban Biodiversity”. In this event, more than 50 participants were present including urban biodiversity conservation youth club members, local community and environmental activists. At the beginning of the day BEDS representative described the value and importance of wetlands. Then Kqazi Mahfujur Rahman Mukul a famous environmentalist delivered his precious speech. Then all the participants have cleaned the wetland (Mayur River) and inside the public park close to the wetland. Then feedbacks of the local people were collected on why we should conserve the wetland (Mayur River). Thus the event ends

Event at Dacope

BEDS has celebrated the World Wetlands Day – 2020 Purbo Dhangmari Village by the side of the Dhangmari river adjacent to the Sundarbans under Dacope sub district of Khulna District in Bangladesh. More than 70 participants took part in the program. Local theme of our program was “We are committed to conserving our Sundarbans aquatic biodiversity.” At first, a brief discussion was held on the necessity of world wetlands day by the Sundarbans Forest Range Officer, Local Elite People and BEDS Staff. A song was sung by a local singer on biodiversity conservation. Then a rally was held by the Dhangmari riverside road. Finally, the participants and the local people raised a slogan on “We are committed to conserving our Sundarbans aquatic biodiversity” and they determined to save the Sundarbans wetland.

Event at Shyamnagar

The event was held at 63 no. Harinagar Hatkhola government primary school, Munshigonj, Shyamnagar, Satkhira. Local theme of the event was “We are determined to protect Migratory Birds”. More than 50 people including students, farmers and fishermen have participated in the event. The event began with a brief discussion about the significance of the day. Then BEDS staffs showed different photos of migratory birds among the participants and focused on migratory bird conservation. Then students drew pictures on the present situation of migratory birds and people’s cruel activities towards them. They presented their drawing. Then the students prepared different slogans. After that, a rally took place and by the meantime the participants pasted their handmade slogans on the walls. With the ending of the rally the event ended.

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