World Wetlands Day in Bandar Khamir, Iran

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Last updated: October 28th, 2020

Participation and cooperation of the people of Bandar Khamir city in holding the big event of World Wetlands Day

The people of Bandar Khamir, where contains the largest marine wetland in the Middle East and the widest mangrove forests covering an area of about 86,000 ha, celebrated this year’s World Wetland Day gloriously.

The purpose of holding the World Wetlands Day in Bandar Khamir was to raise public awareness on the values of Khuran estuary international wetland, to build a link between local community and the wetland, as well as creating empathy between indigenous local communities and civil community. This event was held in Bandar Khamir city for three days from 4 to 6 February 2020 by the municipality of Bandar Khamir and department of environment provincial office of Hormozgan as well as by participating local communities and NGOs and cooperation of Conservation of Iranian Wetland Project.

Many people pose in front of and behind banners

In holding this event, local NGOs with over 200 volunteers were key members of the executive team. Among these NGOs, we can mention the group of Bandar Khamir’s nature fans which has been the holder of the title of wetland champion for the last two years and the most successful environmental NGO in Hormozgan province. Also, the tourism and student committees of Sadr al-Islam complex, women council of Sadr al-Islam complex, women’s sports committee and different sports clubs in Bandar Khamir were key members of organasing this event. The participation of young individuals in preparing the city through cleaning the neighborhoods, streets, beaches and wetlands, and painting the street walls with wetland related issues were among the beauties of holding this event.

Mahmoudi, the mayor of the Bandar Khamir, said that paying all the costs of holding this event by local people and economical companies reflects the local community’s awareness and their responsibility for the wetlands as well as serious decision of Bandar Khamir’s people for winning the world title of wetland city in Ramsar Convention.

In this regard, the Conservation of Iranian Wetlands Project by considering the importance of wetland cities in the survival and sustainability of wetland ecosystems, as well as the exploitation from sustainable socio-economic benefits for local people around the wetlands, have had different collaborations with key authorities of Khuran estuary wetland and Bandar Khamir city. This collaboration has been aimed at developing a comprehensive management plan for Khuran estuary wetland, implementing a Payment for Ecosystem Services plan in Khuran strait wetland, and facilitating the process of global registration of Bandar Khamir as a wetland city.

It is hoped that these collaborations will lead to the participation of local and civil communities in the conservation and wise use of wetlands, as well as the formation of a network of mayors of wetland cities in Iran, and generate an opportunity to provide an appropriate framework for the wise exploitation of wetlands and livelihood improvement of local communities living around wetlands.

Khuran estuary wetland with a geographical location of 26° 45′ N and 55° 40′ E, and with an area of more than 100,000 ha is the largest marine wetland in Middle East and has been registered as one of the international wetland in Ramsar Convention. Khuran estuary wetland has the largest area of mangrove forests with 86,000 hectares and is one of the 11 biosphere reserves in Iran.

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