Empowering Communities in Santa Cecilia

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Published: January 5th, 2024

The workshop in Santa Cecilia, Colombia, brought students from Liceo Taller San Miguel together with kids from Afro-Colombian communities. Led by Luz Stella Tisnes Ocampo, the participants expanded their activities beyond the Danapure wetland, engaging with various communities to exchange knowledge and experiences.



The journey to Santa Cecilia was more than just a trip for the students; it became a transformative experience in a stunning Afro-Colombian setting. Fuelled by a collective passion for learning, the workshop concluded with everyone marvelling at the beauty of Santa Cecilia, described by Luz as "something like paradise."

Although the return journey, about 4 hours from their city, was imminent, the memories of the enriching exchange of knowledge in this picturesque paradise lingered on. This outreach programme created lasting connections, uniting communities in a shared responsibility for preserving wetlands and cultural heritage.

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