How do we strengthen you in the East Atlantic Flyway?

The East Atlantic Flyway network, MBP, will hold an online meeting on 15 May, dedicated to one topic: how do we build or share capacity across the network.

The capacity-building workshop and training in Saloum, 2022 was a step forward for members in Atlantic Africa. How do we continue that progress, reinforce the learnings, and deliver more?

MBP annual meeting in senegal 2022

We invite all MBP members to join us by Zoom on 15 May at 9 UTC to help us work through these questions.


By the end of the meeting we hope to be ready to make a timeline to 2030.

  • the scale of online training or exchange
  • the scale of in-person meetings

Please register in advance for the meeting, by Zoom. If you would like to contribute but will not be available on 15 May, email your input to Connor Walsh, who will make sure it is heard.

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