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Published: April 24th, 2024

Workshop report: International Women’s Day workshop

We held an online workshop on International Women’s Day. This is an output from the 2022 capacity building meeting in Saloum where participants asked: how do we empower young women when they go out to educate and inform their communities?

Alex Hughes and Khouloud Belhadj facilitated, and 33 people took part from across the flyway. We had a video hosted by Dr Musonda Mumba, Secretary General of the Convention on Wetlands; and then three presentations and an open discussion.

Alex spoke about ‘Gender Pay, Policies and Project Initiatives at WWT’ and how we chose applicants for the WWT Wetland Learning Hub, drawing on the differences between equal and equitable approaches.

Rebecca Stewart of the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat’s presentation was ‘From research to delivery: a conservation journey’.

Awa Joof of WASBA, The Gambia, spoke about ‘Women in Conservation: Challenges, opportunities, and needs’. We have a more detailed workshop report available on request.

Key takeaways

Presentation 1:

  • Importance of inclusion and diversity policy and transparency within organisations
  • Equality is giving everyone exactly the same resources, equity is giving everyone the resources to raise them up to the same level
  • What do you want success to look like and how do we ensure that everyone has the opportunity to reach that success?

Presentation 2:

  • Self-doubt, lack of confidence can be exacerbated in male-dominated fields and not supportive workplaces
  • Importance of balancing family and work
  • Resilience and renewal – always apply for that job/funding/ pursue your own path

Presentation 3:

  • More representation and participation. Women aren't being heard. Want women at the decision-making table to talk on our behalf, so the world will hear what women need for conservation
  • Guiding younger generations, such as environmental education in schools. Activities mitigating climate change affects. Youth more aware of climate change affecting their world, including work opportunities. So showing youth a career in conservation works!
  • Opportunities need to be more accessible to women

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