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Fundación Global Nature

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Obra social de Caja España; Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Medio Rural y Marino; Grupo de acción local Araduey-Campos; Unilever; Obra Social Caja Círculo

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- To act as an information and visitor reception centre.

- To develop tourism promotion programmes, prioritising nature tourism programmes.

- To carry out environmental education and dissemination activities.

- To offer a dissuasive effect of visitors to the wetland by avoiding an excessive concentration of people on the banks of the wetland.

- To act as a socio-cultural centre for the inhabitants of Boada de Campos and all the surrounding municipalities.

The Casa Museo de la Laguna de Boada is a small interpretation centre located in the municipality of Boada de Campos, in the province of Palencia (Castilla y León).

This centre receives more than 8,000 visitors every year, most of them coming from different parts of Spain. The main attraction of the visitor centre is the Boada wetland, located 1.3 kilometres from the House Museum in the municipality of Boada de Campos.

The House Museum houses several interpretative exhibitions on environmental themes, a small exhibition hall, a tourist information point, a shop with food products from the Tierra de Campos region and a small cafeteria. It also has an extensive garden with different species of aromatic plants.

The interpretative exhibitions currently on display in the House Museum are the following:

- "La Laguna de Boada": several interpretative panels showing general aspects of the steppe wetlands and other more specific aspects of the Boada Lagoon.

- Anser anser": a monographic exhibition on the common goose (Anser anser), one of the most important natural values of Tierra de Campos, as this area, and specifically the wetlands present in it, is one of the main wintering areas of the species in the Iberian Peninsula.

In addition to all these interpretative elements, there is a wide range of audiovisual material that makes the visit more attractive. This audiovisual material is made up of:

- Remote-controlled camera: visitors can operate it by means of a simple remote control and zoom from the interpretation centre itself, which will give all visitors to the natural area access to the fascinating world of birds from the centre of the village.

The installation consists of:

- Two display screens

- Zoom control

- Three interpretative panels, as a guide, with illustrations of the birds that allow to know and identify the species that are being observed.

- LCD screens, sound equipment and three high-definition multimedia players: for the high-definition projection of a documentary video showing the departure of the geese at dawn, as well as their movements around the towns of Tierra de Campos in search of food.

- Digital portfolio: in which photographs and short videos representing a year at the Boada lagoon are exhibited. In this portfolio you can see how the different seasons affect the lagoon, from winter, when the lagoon is completely flooded, to the end of summer, when the lagoon is practically dry.


Work areas

Main CEPA activities

Since its inauguration on 20 December 2007, the Casa Museo de la Laguna de Boada has been conceived as a dynamic element of nature tourism in the region of Tierra de Campos and as a centre for environmental education at different levels. The Casa Museo de la Laguna de Boada has room for all kinds of projects related to these two areas of action. In this way, the activities that are developed from the House Museum fall within the scope of:

- environmental education,

- socio-cultural dynamisation,

- promotion of nature tourism

- sustainable rural development.

In this sense, various activities and projects have been developed over the last two years:

- Development of specific environmental education and awareness-raising activities, such as the celebration of World Wetlands Day, World Environment Day and World Bird Day.

- Organisation of long-term environmental education and social participation activities (camps, work camps, environmental volunteering, etc.).

- Organisation of cultural activities (plays, concerts, exhibitions, etc.).

- Guided visits to the wetlands of Tierra de Campos.

- Publication of informative and educational material.


Three main successes

- All the environmental education and awareness-raising activities that are carried out on a one-off basis have a high level of participation (conferences, tree planting, guided visits to the Boada Lagoon,...), as well as long-term activities (environmental volunteering, work camps, camps,...). This success is partly due to the good acceptance of the House Museum among the local population and to the great diffusion of our activities through different media.

- During the month of August, and coinciding with the period of low water in the Boada Lagoon, the art and nature festival "ArtNature" is organised at the House Museum. Over four consecutive weekends, different cultural and environmental dissemination activities take place inside the centre; musical performances, workshops, theatre plays, conferences and exhibitions are repeated over four days. In its second edition, this event is consolidating itself as an important date in the cultural calendar of the province of Palencia. The success of this project is due to the scarcity of activities of this kind in the territory.

- From the Casa Museo de la Laguna de Boada, numerous projects of patrimonial diffusion and promotion of nature tourism are carried out (edition of promotional material, campaigns to attract visitors,...), all of them have great acceptance outside the autonomous region. The success of these projects is due to the wide availability of tourist resources in the territory, and to the combination of natural and cultural heritage in a single tourist package.

Three main challenges

- The private management of a centre of these characteristics makes it very difficult for public schools to organise visits. Most of the schools in Castilla y León go to other visitor centres with similar characteristics to ours. The Casa Museo de la Laguna de Boada intends to offer personalised and attractive environmental education activities for schools in order to motivate a greater number of visits.

- Ornithological tourism is strongly rooted among Europeans, however, foreign visits to our interpretation centre are very low, this is partly due to the lack of diffusion that we are carrying out at a European level. In a short period of time we will promote the tourist diffusion outside the borders of our country.

The municipality of Boada de Campos does not have any public or private services to facilitate the establishment of tourism. The only establishment that meets the optimum conditions to offer some kind of tourist service is the Casa Museo de la Laguna de Boada itself. In the near future, the aim is to encourage the establishment of private initiatives in the territory (rural houses, restaurants, etc.) with the aim of bringing a greater number of visitors to Boada de Campos.


Areas of expertise

Interpretation techniques

Creating signage / site information; Producing written materials; Using audio-visual tools; Developing nature trails

Visitor centres

Managing / creating habitat; Running a visitor centre


Engaging young people; Engaging the local community; Working with volunteers

Education and communication

Early years education; Delivering adult education; Working with primary schools; Lobbying / running campaigns; Working with secondary schools; Developing resources / materials


Running effective administration; Fund-raising; Project planning



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