Chukh Bird Research Station

By Connor Walsh / 20th April 2023

About Name of organisation Mongolian Bird Conservation Center Funding support The Chukh Bird Research Station (CBRS) is funded through the savings and resources of the Mongolian Bird Conservation Center (MBCC), which coordinates the station’s activities. MBCC does not receive direct funding for CBRS, but instead relies on its own internal resources to support the station’s…

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Wild lake with distant mountains and clouds

Environmental Conservation Research and Development Centre

By Connor Walsh / 1st October 2021

About Name of organisation Environmental Conservation Research and Development Center (ECRDC) Funding support Central and local Government, Domestic and International organizations Number of staff Six Number of visitors per year Not wetland center, it is NGO that that facilitates program on wetland and wetland conservation . Overall aims of the centre The main objectives of…

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