Wetland Friends of Nepal

By Chris / 3rd March 2018

  About Wetland Friends of Nepal (WFN) is a non profitable, non governmental and voluntary wetland research network in Nepal, founded in 2006. It is formed as a result of group of professionals and amateurs wanting to come together to respond the urgent need of the worsening situation of wetlands and associated biodiversity in Nepal.…

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Kosi Bird Observatory

By Chris / 2nd March 2018

About KBO, a prime migratory corridor lies 26°46.927 latitude and 87°08.28 longitude and is situated to the north of the famous Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. Funding support: The Wetland Trust, The Red Panda Network Number of staff: 3 Overall aims of the centre The overall aim of Kosi Bird Observatory is to support bird migration…

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Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wetlands in Nepal

By Chris / 28th February 2018

About Funding support: Nepal Government, GEF, and UNDP Nepal Number of staff: 14 Overall aims of the centre To create and enabling policy environment, capacity and awareness buidling at systyemic level and establish collborative management model Description of the centre 17500 +2563 ha, habitat restoration that has helped to host 1 percent of south asian…

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