30 years of WLI artwork

WLI turned 30 in 2021 and we celebrated with this beautiful artwork, that you can use at your wetland centre. The environmental artist Seppo has created it in discussion with Chris Rostron and Connor Walsh of WLI.

Beautiful colour drawing of mangrove visitor centre

This illustration connects you to hundreds of WLI members around the world. It is not a picture of any particular wetland education site; rather it shows examples of what wetlands and wetland educators offer to the world.

There are three vegetation types to chose from: tropical, mangrove, and reed & willow.

You are welcome to print the image and install it permanently or temporarily; you may use it online. Please do not remove the signature of the generous artist, Seppo, or the mention of WLI. If you print the image, consider the following options:

  • A thin material placed over a metal background will allow you attach other images to it with magnets, for your local information
  • A ring-bound flipbook will allow you compare or overlay the layers
  • Some materials might degrade in the outdoor environment – if so, try to make sure they can be recycled

There are two full layers, one showing a wetland with education activities, and one showing threats and damage.

Would you like a copy?

Send a message to WLI's Connor Walsh to download digital versions, or to let us know if you would like a physical copy.

This illustration can help you talk about

  • The carbon cycle
  • The water cycle
  • Ecosystems

You can also use the arrows to show visitors what they can do at your wetland, such as

  • Pond-dipping
  • Bird-watching from a hide
  • Mammal-spotting
  • Bat-walks
  • Testing water quality
  • Boating
  • Guided walks
  • Canoe-tours


The picture has an optional layer which you can use to illustrate the threats wetlands face.

How-to links

The picture hints at activities you can carry out at wetland visitor centres. Here are some guides:

See this guide to pond-dipping from WWT in the UK.

Our Resources pages have sections on visitor centres, engagement, and biodiversity.

Seppo and Auli launch the artwork

Seppo and Auli launched the artwork in conversation with Connor Walsh at WLI's webinar on 30 years of best practice in wetland visitor centres.

The art in situ

Share a picture of your copy in use! Email us a photo and we will add it to this gallery.