Migratory birds

Migratory birds are an ideal subject for forging links between wetland education centres located on the same flyway. The arrival and departure of seasonal birds is an annual phenomenon that sparks people’s interest and imagination. They wonder where the birds come from and where they go, and it helps to emphasize the importance of their local sites as part of a network, vital to preserve these migratory bird populations .

Staff and visitors, could take concrete steps to monitor and record the arrival times of birds, numbers of species and individuals to share this information with other wetland education located on the same flyway centers. The data and resulting interest could promote further conservation measures in your country but also in other countries through these migratory birds.  The WLI network supports a program called ‘Migratory Birds for People‘ in Europe with it’s own web pages and steering group.

World Migratory Bird Day

World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) happens every year in May and October. The organisers at AEWA produce materials every year suitable for your centre and online. They also have an interactive map of activities happening around; you can submit your own centre's activities, and the World Migratory Bird Day organisers will share it on social media–increasing your visibility.

Birds and Schools

WLI takes an active–and pretty cool–role in World Migratory Bird Day.

WLI members approach local schools, invite them to their centre to learn about the migratory birds there… and then they talk to other groups doing the same thing in other centres by video chat!

Some videos from previous years tell the story:

CEPA in East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership

Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness (CEPA) has a specific strategy and online resource at the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership. Here you will find standardised summaries of CEPA with groups as diverse as children across the flyway and farmers from Alaska to the Philippines; videos, presentations, and a travelling photo exhibition.


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