Wise use of wetlands

The Ramsar Convention on wetlands set the scene for conservation to aim for sustainability and wise use. How do you work towards that around your visitor centre?

Wetland site management

Wetlands are dynamic areas, open to influence from natural and human factors. In order to maintain their biological diversity and productivity and to allow wise use of their resources by human beings, some kind of overall agreement is needed between the various owners, occupiers and interested parties. The management planning process provides this overall agreement (Davis 1993). In other words, the management plan provides the basis for maintaining the ecological character of a wetland and to allow wise use of the resources by the owner and/or agreed users.

In developing a management plan the following issues need consideration:

Managing wetlands handbook

The Ramsar Convention's Frameworks for managing wetlands
of international importance and other wetland sites.

CEPA for wetland managers

The Ramsar Convention's brief guidance to assist site managers in using CEPA tools to assist in effective site management.

EAAFP paper for site managers

Benefits and Expectations of the
East Asian–Australasian Flyway Site Network.

Wetland management game

Parks & Wildlife Finland made this addictive online game. Kosteikko-peli is available in English, Finnish, and Swedish. You learn to balance financial income and expenditure with biodiversity support and growth.

Local people

Non-government organisations and community groups contribute significantly to the education of the broader community about wetlands through publications, websites and teaching resources and through participation in awareness-raising and capacity building events and activities.

Training farmers at Candaba - Philippine

The Flock Project - New Zealand

Qupałuk Flyway Network Site - Alaska, USA

Wild Bird Society - Japan

Peel-Yalgorup System - Australia

Daursky Nature Reserve - Russia

Daurian steppe region - Russia

CEPA activities by BANCA - Myanmar

Bird Watching Society - Hong Kong

International Cooperation in Bird Studies - Russia, Germany, USA

Sister Wetland Affiliations Programme - Singapore

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