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Last updated: June 14th, 2019

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Wetland DANAPURE Liceo Taller San Miguel Colombia

Besides being a tribute to our DANAPURE, it is a recognition for all the wetlands of the world. During several days, students have carried out different activities, such as reforestation with species of water-guaduas and native to our Colombian marshes.

For this year, the Environmental Police was in charge of carrying out interesting activities, which included awareness talks about the wildlife of the wetland areas especially, presentation of their show with trained dogs and the delivery of materials alluding to the subject.

In the Botanical Garden of the Technological University, a guided expedition was carried out for its different ecosystems, including

Class with the park ranger

a look at its wetland, affected in a considerable way by the El Niño phenomenon, a subject that allowed us to take a look at the environmental problems that affect the planet.

For several days Adeline Mertenat, environmental engineer from Switzerland, joined us in the celebration, contributing her experience with the Montecito Foundation (Sogamoso, Colombia), where she is carrying out different activities in the field of solid waste management in the Lake Basin of Tota