Kansas World Wetlands Day 2019

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Last updated: June 17th, 2019

logoThe Kansas Wetlands Education Centre offered a special World Wetlands Day program for area junior high students. The program started off with a look at different carbon contributors and how carbon adds to climate change. Students lined up on one side of the hallway and took a step forward for each of the different actions they take, which might contribute to more carbon in the atmosphere, like miles they drive to school, or how many loads of laundry their household does each week. The six biggest contributing students each read about how wetlands help combat climate change symptoms with information from the World Wetlands Day materials.

Students then broke into groups with each group receiving a wetland metaphor object and coming up with a slogan of how that object relates to a wetland. For example, one group said “Come to the Wetland Hotel” in response to receiving a pillow. Emphasis was placed on how important Cheyenne Bottoms is to migratory birds within the Central Flyway,especially our beloved Whooping Cranes and shore birds.

Each group of students made a poster to fit the World Wetlands Day theme: Wetlands and Climate Change. They are being displayed at our centre through the month of February. The program ended with a visual on how even just a little bit of added carbon can make a change. One student blew bubbles through a straw into a glass of water with a pH indicator added to it. It did not take long for the blue water to turn yellow, showing the acidic value of carbon in our water supply.

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