30 Ideas: Wetland materials for young children from Putú

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Published: April 18th, 2021

In 2021 we are marking 30 years of WLI cooperation by sourcing 30 neat ideas from WLI members. Today we hear from Putu, Chile.

Description: The idea was to design and develop types of environmental interpretation, taking into account the audience and use of the material, either in the classroom or in the field. Biodiversity information is included in these materials as well as reference to the delivery of the management plan for the Nature Sanctuary of the Putú - Huenchullamí wetland complex in Chile.
“Sanctuary memory game”. A traditional game with cards showing images of birds and other conservation features. Each participant takes turns to turn over two cards. If the cards match (birds, biodiversity) the player keeps them. If they are different, they are returned face down.
“Create your own wetland sanctuary”. Using a printed and foldable sheet, with stickers showing biodiversity, nature, and other images of conservation and environmental awareness. Children can use these to create their own idea of a wetland sanctuary.

Created by: The association for the defence and conservation of Maule Mataquito and the Friends of Putú club.

Learning and conservation outcomes: Knowledge of local biodiversity, points of interest and threats of the dunes and wetlands of Putú nature reserve.
Audience: Children, young people and adults

Costs: USD 400+

Key themes: Biodiversity, Nature reserve

Equipment and resources needed: Graphic design, development of content, printing, distribution and use.

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