World Migratory Bird Day May 2022

WLI members connected their local schools together across six countries in May 2022 to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day. Within the East Atlantic Flyway, two meetings happened. Linked by the migrating spoonbills, children in the Basque Country shared a day at the Urdaibai Bird Center with children on the Dutch island of Terschelling. They made a joyous webpage showing their bird watching and ringing, painting a spoonbill mural, and learning to use bird books to identify species and their nests.


Schools in the France’s Loire-Atlantique, Luxembourg, and Senegal met thanks to WLI members at Grand Lieu, Biodiversum, and Reserve Ornithologique Kalissaye. They shared a video call, watched videos and filled in question sheets about light pollution.


Environment for the Americas generously hosted WLI as part of their Connecting Birds and Schools between the Dominican Republic and Colombia. The pupils shared their history of learning about birds, the scientific method, and the life-changing experiences of bird watching.

The slogan for 2022’s World Migratory Bird Day is ‘Dim the lights for birds at night’. Dealing with light pollution, there are useful resources on the official website. There is a second chance to celebrate it in October. We hope you can find inspiration for possible activities on the official website as well as in the WLI archives.

Thank you to all the WLI members and partners who helped open so many eyes to light pollution!