Lichens, messengers of nature

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Last updated: June 16th, 2023

Warriors against climate change

Lichens are part of the wonderful world of the FUNGI kingdom Andin our DANAPURE wetland which, due to its location in a humid and wooded area, nature has become a guide for its study.
Comparing the records of previous years, we verify that its presence is less every day, being on of the most probable causes the Climate Change.
Lichens and fungi have a great sensitivity to the increase in temperature and this is with in happening on the planet, their fight against the drought of soils in forest and other important ecosystems, where their natural regeneration would not occur, would be the cause of a dangerous imbalance on the planet.

Danapure montage Studying lichens_955

Lichens, messengers of nature

(Species Graphis elegans)

Starting from the symbols that we have found in form of hieroglyphics in different species of lichens, we will try to create our own language (our own way of interpretation) with the aim of sending messages to nature warning about the risk that pollution can pose not only to the lichens but to many other species of the global nature.

Some phrases that our students have built:

-Nature is still alive, it speaks, and is crying for help.

-Human beings can talk to each other, we speak English, Spanish, French, but we haven´t been able to speak with nature yet.

-We are looking for answers in the starts, on the moon, even in mars and, at the end, nature has always had all the answers.

This project will be in charge of six (6) teachers from different academic fields as well as of the students that are part of the research group on environment and natural sciences. We will also have the assistance and advisory of Santiago Mejía, former students at de school and student of ecology at Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá.

The end of the project will be represented in a sculpture to be installed in the Wetland; we still have not defined.

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