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Garden for the attraction and conservation of pollinators

By Connor Walsh / 9th February 2024

Thank you to the pupils and teachers of Liceo Taller San Miguel, who share their different World Wetlands Day 2024 activities. We celebrate the World Wetlands Day by building a garden in favor of the attraction and conservation of pollinators, among which we can find the Monarch butterfly, a species that in our zone is…

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Magic of interpreting natural patterns

By Connor Walsh / 23rd January 2024

The staff and pupils at Liceo Taller San Miguel and its Danapure wetland have created a beautiful book celebrating a recent project. Lichens, Messengers of Nature, is a way for school children to empathise with nature. They explore their wetland, and when they find lichens, they examine the patterns the lichens make. They ‘reverse engineer’…

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Pollinator habitat in Danapure

By Connor Walsh / 1st December 2023

DANAPURE wetland (Colombia). Adaptation of space as a new habitat projecwi6h native plants to attract and conserve pollinators, which allow the propagation of plants and the production of fruits though the pollen they carry. For the Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexipus) and the Asclepia curassavica , a wild species in danger of extinction and the only…

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National bird day at DANAPURE

By Connor Walsh / 27th October 2023

In the natural scenery offered the DANAPURE Wetland and its trails that we are about to inaugurate, our students by FLYPER environmentalists who work on the identification of species by analyzing their songs, conducted a day of research to begin the construction of an inventory of possible species that have the wetland as a permanent…

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Saving frogs at DANAPURE Wetland, Colombia

By Connor Walsh / 15th June 2023

Dendropsophus colombianus, in moderate danger of extinction During field work, some students observed a gelatinous sack with tiny eggs in the pool. Their biology teacher, Beatriz Angel, explained that it was a mucilage that held eggs of a frog species. Because it was unlikely they would survive because of the cleaning chemicals, we decided to…

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Lichens, messengers of nature

By Connor Walsh / 15th June 2023

Warriors against climate change Lichens are part of the wonderful world of the FUNGI kingdom Andin our DANAPURE wetland which, due to its location in a humid and wooded area, nature has become a guide for its study.Comparing the records of previous years, we verify that its presence is less every day, being on of…

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Wetland DANAPURE Colombia celebrates Star Award

By Connor Walsh / 24th February 2023

Wetland DANAPURE Colombia writes:We would like to thank you for having granted us the recognition as a Star wetland. Our commitment is growing and we hope to live up to it with our work. We share with you special moments of our celebration, in the company of the children of the UKUMARI Biopark. The students…

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Bees, the great polinators!

By Chris Rostron / 20th August 2021

After a year away from our wetland, we discovered a great surprise today. The artificial habitat that was built to conserve species of insects such as bees is now being used by several species, and we are going to use this to start a new project to study them. The peace and quiet that they…

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Molly Gaskin with a duck

Profile: Molly Gaskin

By Connor Walsh / 26th March 2021

In 1987, Molly Gaskin was awarded the Hummingbird Gold Medal for her commitment to environmental education in Trinidad and Tobago. Together with Karilyn Shephard – the Vice-President of the Wildfowl Trust – Gaskin pioneered the hands-on programmes for schools that focussed on educating persons of all ages about local wetland habitats and medicinal plants. Photo…

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UKUMARI Dia Mundial de los Humedales

UKUMARI World Wetlands Day

By Chris Rostron / 19th February 2021

For the celebration of World Wetlands Day, the subject of study with the visitors was Climate Change, highlighting the importance of wetlands in controlling the increase in temperature and conserving life.We celebrated with the visitors and especially with the children, for whom we prepared a presentation of plays inviting our wetland animals as characters, we…

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