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Lille Vildmose

By Chris Rostron / 16th November 2017

Lille Vildmose in the eastern part of Himmerland is a Danish wilderness and an eldorado for nature lovers and people with an interest in history. The area is Denmark’s biggest protected region with its 7600 hectares or 76 km2. Here you will find, amongst other things Northwestern Europe’s largest raised bog, lakes with a lot…

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PEQUI – Pesquisa e Conservação do Cerrado

By Josefa Gonzalez / 16th August 2017

[tabs] [tab title=”About”] Name of organisation:  PEQUI – Pesquisa e Conservação do Cerrado       Funding support: various – NGOs and Brazilian Government, specially     Number of staff: 10 valuntary researchers Number of visitors per year: – Overall aims of the centre  To do and support research and political actions that promote the conservation and sustainable of…

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Birds and People

By Chris Rostron / 9th August 2012

Birds and People, Russia [tabs] [tab title=”About”] Name of organisation: Non-commercial Partnership “Birds & People” Funding support: $ 40000 Number of staff:  4 Number of visitors per year:  200 Overall aims of the centre Nature conservation and environmental education Description of the centre B&P is located in Moscow. We provide site visits for birdwatchers in…

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Meshchera Visitor Centre

By Chris Rostron / 8th August 2012

Meshchera [tabs] [tab title=”About”] Name of organisation: Meshchera National Park, Environmental Education Department Funding support: Federal State Institution (Russian   Federation Budget) Number of staff: 5 Number of visitors per year:  11,000 Overall aims of the centre: Environmental education, scientific research, ecotourism and dissemination of information on Meshchera peatlands Description of the centre: The Meshchera…

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