WLI Africa

WLI Africa works across the continent, and regionally as suits the initiative in question.  North Africa wetland conservation tends to focus on the Mediterranean has more contact with European partners, for example through MedWet. Sub-Saharan Africa has a different character, and equally East, Central, West and Southern Africa are all distinct. The continent’s wetlands vary from the oases of the Sahara, the rich coastal wetlands of west Africa, the lakes of the Rift Valley and the seasonal wetlands of the Okavango Delta. Wetland centres are often based around tourism, but water conservation and access are also major issues for many local communities.

Regional initiatives

Some wetland centres in West Africa are currently part of the Migratory Birds for People programme, and form part of MBP Africa as a regional group, aiming to better link the wetland centres along the East Atlantic Flyway. We have good connections through our Wetland International West Africa partner to centres in Mauritania, Senegal and Guinea Bissau.

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